Carolina Specialties Incorporated

Leading Construction Materials Supplier

Established in 1990

Division 9

Fiberglass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) - Cast GRG Architectural moldings, column covers, cornice, domes and light coves for interior applications.

Drywall, Stucco and Acoustical Trims - Vinyl Trims - Plastic Components, Trim-Tex, Vinyl Corp. Aluminum & Steel Trims -  Amico, Flannery, Fry Reglet, Gordon,  Pittcon, and Superior.

Variance Specialty Finishes - Can be used for interior or exterior applications to create old world venetian textured looks. Designed to keep labor costs down.




Trimroc - Interior, fire-rated gypsum plaster millwork molding.




Proceed Decorative Paints-  From Dispersions to Glazes, Decorative Paints  to Textures as well as Metallic Mediums. These are professional interior grade mural and faux type paints.

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Trimroc Drywall Coated Foam Molding